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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 11, 2012 2:05am-2:40am PDT

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tpwheeth did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪[meow] [laughter] craig: this is what we would do if it really was the end of the world. good night, everybody. good night. [cheers and applause] ,,,,,,,,,,,
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mr. romney may set the biggest decision of his campaign. the teenage daredevils accused dislike being lamb bell and al a cult hero to jail house birthday stunts that is just the icing on the cake. the waves it seems so ridiculous. why thousands of bay area commuters are suddenly getting charged for it to year- old pledge. plus cupcakes and kashmir the bay area natives behind the wildly popular blob that is now a best-selling books. i'm can best do that by
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the time we got tomorrow morning we will know for sure mayor ronnie is just hours away from announcing his vice-presidential pick and tonight a republican official tells the associated press is a wisconsin congressman paul ryan. the b.a. t announced amid their tomorrow morning at about 6:00 a.m. our time. he's also a key party favorite and chairman of the house budget committee. he's also known as the author and a plan to overhaul medicare but has no foreign policy experience. political analyst joe timm and weighed in on ryan about an hour ago. i did is a sensible choice for ms. braun if you look at it as a business point of view. paul ryan has been in the trenches. in the legislation
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that has been debated on the gop side and a distinction to be the obama's administration. its cachet feel like they're running laps. if you look at this from a business perspective these sensible no. 2 for the campaign and election that perspective on the other hand he's really a rather boring choice is more buoyant boring than ever on the bad also in some ways slightly make sense from era. you want somebody will upstage like sarah palin did with tom mccain. the round recalled the other two men on the short list former minnesota gov. tim plenty and a higher senator robb hartman and think them both for their cooperation. the son of a silicon valley judges one of three u.s. marines killed by gunmen wearing a police uniform captain mike mckeon was shot early in the morning and seven afghanistan u.s. part of a special operations battalion trading afghan police officers
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the sons and nine year-old from los altos graduated from st. francis high school in mountain view back in 2001 he was a standout football player there and died in his fourth deployments his serve the first to any rocket and the others in afghanistan his mom is a state appellate court justice and his dad santa clara county judge. mckeon. his been gone for so long we are used to not seeing him that much. mickey and the two other marines were shot after ramadan meal is unclear if the gunman is in custody. the sagas of the suspect in a high-profile their bikini set to the mother hollywood temptress day the shares sank this morning's break cameron county juvenile hall in to free the teenager reporter kristin harris says it could
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have been a birthday gift. the teenager who allegedly rappelled down the building last year to is still a flashing member keeney owned by celebrity chef guy kingery the alleged thieves name max way. a bay area have to zero idolizes weighed on youtube calling for his release. i know you heard of. it front-page isaiah. free max way that's exactly when authorities tried to do around 430 this morning. and it would be juvenile hall celebrate that may have been orchestrated by way himself. been here 23 years and never seen or heard even beyond that. jail officials say it
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early this morning some new sense cutters to get through to perimeter fences at the detention facility in and nasty cell wall with a sledge hammer until the window broke a kid inside the cell turned out to be max waited staff members foiled this caved in the suspects were never caught it happened on way to 18th birthday with the very day the ones to be transferred from juvenile hall to the marin county jail. whoever did it left behind evidence. the immediate search and even tools. tools not so different from the rope and bolt cutters left the scene of a lamborghini highest and while authorities have not specifically fingered weighed in the break-in there is suspicion weightism a jury is not just for the car thefts before being replaced to attempted murder police say he shouted a female classmate and the young man she was dating and his car before
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being arrested for the car theft the teenager could be capable of anything. whether it's max way that was orchestrated hours after the jailbreak attempt to wait was safely transferred here to the marin county jail. they may now consider putting alarms on their perimeter fences. live in san fell kristen there's cbs five. today chevron opened a health center to handle claims from the refinery fire and the line stretched down the block. more than 4000 people have now filed claims the air quality management district says trace amounts of a toxic substance was found in the air. cbs five reporter joe vasquez talk to some residents to say they deserve payments. did waves and made me to make sure everything is fixed and pay everybody. the lines are sneaking have labored down the block. and even those
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who lost money because they cannot break their business as long as there were directly caused by the chevron explosion and fire. and they did as a missing and is little blurriness james sr. said chevron rose richmond. they don't care about this community. about this low-income a thing that people are treated like any pace. she's referring to the slowly that started around 450 monday and the number four crude units chevron and its plant management didn't notify outside authorities until that we got worse and worse and two hours later discovered insulation which may have hidden the severity of the lake. you couldn't see it the lake and that's why they're taking
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insulation off. that's according to randy sawyer was in charge of state hazardous materials years. that would be part of their own investigation. and they're talking to the operators and means personnel were working and that's and that will give them a good indication. of and how exactly happens chevron says it still investigating enrichment joe vasquez csi. and fairies gas prices to spike even more according to gas but it was announced we were seen for 14 gal. on average in san francisco 47 in santa clara county to support proposition base now nearly four years later game mormons are gathering here in san francisco cbs reporter don knapp on what they hope to do. did weeks if you're mormon and happened to the lesbian and gay bisexuals transgendered and you want to talk about it what can
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you do? well you can circle the wagons and tell mormon stories. the of ways they seek to create safe spaces where people can confers at that authentically. mormons who identifies all the bt will talk with oers about their personal conflicts and the first-ever such conference in san francisco. in terms of a mixed marriage by making an end to my wife is a straight ally. and i didn't know before we got married. and have children? we have three children. i make this work? a lot of forgiveness lot of understanding a lot of prayer. married in the mormon church with some of its teachings but determined to stay married and more men rawness to rains have their own mormon story is held. i hope that's our stories are voices r heard and
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understood and that's they can be part of the change that is occurring in the church. kelly help elect the left the marriage and their conflict letter to leave the church. that didn't sell rights to a year-and-a-half to came back when his in the church and they tended the week. a lot of times people leave the church for years and i would like to see them come back as that in the church needs to see that we're hearing we exist and nothing will change if we keep going away. from many years momism is culture as well as religion. did we get teary eyed when i listen to the stories of the pioneers and it think this evidence that's much different from their journey of pioneers. took the matter is the key man. even though conflicts between serbs orientation and church teachings can be personally devastating they say they're trying to find ways to be in the
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they are in a mormon. don knapp cbs five. a costly glitch by a 8000 commuters are getting slapped to the bill they didn't expect. when you go to bed expect to stay there and it turns out a lot of people don't who is most likely to sleepwalk and what causes it. i started writing every i started writing every day,,,, go to college. i started writing every day,,,,
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mom: what are you saying? you've got to go to college. son: well, they offered me a job and... mom: son, college is much more important. son: no. mom: yes. son: no, mom. mom: yes. son: anyway, it's my decision. mom: ok, well, then, decide what degree you are going to get, because you will go to college. announcer: their tomorrow depends on your words today. the hispanic scholarship fund has the information you need to help your kids go to college. developing news at the
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southern california where a small plane crashed into the front yard of a house this single-engine cessna wind down in west was a mile and a half from santa monica airport it broke apart on impact the pilot was trying to land at the airport and declared an emergency red before the crash at this point we don't know the cause of why there were killed snow on the ground was hurt. well thousands of the clipper card users are finance now that they'll money. a reporter to leave what explains officials blame a computer glitch that just came to light. she takes the everyday. but as in and hang a day according to the folks at clipper card. our billing system failed to process the payments. she
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knows 20 bucks from november 2010. did when i first thought was fraud. it seems ridiculous that it couldn't possibly be from the clipper card fright charged was two years old john goodman of the metropolitan transportation commission says it appears that between november 2010 and may of this year there was like a necklace. sven it to its cover transactions into the system. meanwhile the funds were put on rotors $30,000. some not. we said the process recognize that every one of his customers did in fact receive the value of their cards if they went says writers who can't prove they mistake have to pay up the money owed will automatically be deducted from customers' accounts in late august. chile wants cbs five. in the turns out sleepwalking is much more common
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than anyone ever thought to a recent study finds that as many as one in three adults say they have done this at some point in their lives as of: on the trigger is and what to do if you see someone sleepwalking. no wells shanks' started sleepwalking when she was about four years old. did we go into the refrigerator and open the door out, and wander around. sleepwalking is most common in children ages 4 to 8 and doesn't usually require treatment. most outgrow it. sleepwalking to be thought of as a half waste state between being awakened a sleeping experts aren't exactly sure what causes sids we don't know why this is. we don't know why the young brain seem to get caught more readily between this hathaway cannot mislead circumstance there are some genetic circumstances. if an adult happens to start sleepwalking it's usually because of sleep deprivation and
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illness medication such as sleeping pills or alcohol. identifying the chair usually starts the behavior. i can handle as a blocker. is probably best to redraw direct a sleepwalker back to bed. status due children and is making her house safe now. did we resolve to get the top of the stairs this are walking in their sleep. pick a topic any topic and as a safe bet there is a blot about its. but on the very least you become a topic of water cooler conversations i sat down with the mill valley woman who turned her block about her favorite things into a cult sensation and is now a best- selling book. life may be able cherry's before emily schulman is cupcakes and kashmir. did we was definitely a hot be something that it deftly didn't think would turn into anything.
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she was working a typical 95. i was working my day job crunching numbers doing things i wasn't passionate about. so she started writing and taking pictures of things as she loves like food and fashion. started writing every day and then just kind of stuck with it and began his family's escape from the mundane of every day quickly became more than just a hobby. did weight was spotted a flea market and is the girl came up and sat had was definitely a moment where i thought things are taking a that the people are absolutely this with over 100,000 pages a day over 1 million new visitors a month and several industry awards family has turned blogging into a bonafide career. it's putting not content that health plans fires and if i'm trying to put something out there that people feel like they want to go up as a certain way or maybe spends more time in the kitchen. this year cupcakes and kashmir has gone from the web pages to a hardcover book. these
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days you can throw a stick in cyberspace without hitting some sort of fashion are less outlawed and the blood can be yesterday's fad faster than the click of a mouse. but emily continues to say about the trends. did we pay attention to what i liked what am drawn to and for the most part that helps me be really successful. her fans are mostly 20 something 1:00 on cupcakes and kashmir for the daily treats his speech. the his inspiring her followers to pursue their passions. as a new job at a delegate was unfeeling rewarded wasn't filling credit inspired sell to be able to find something that's crated for myself and billy anyone can do that. the book has been on the national best-seller list for several weeks now family hopes to continue her success on the book and blood and that lead to making products with the cupcakes and kashmir brands. it looks like we a people out about
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it since heroin is and as a area tonight but they don't know that you're going to hear is that we have showers and b,,,,,, it was 61 degrees and
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half moon bay one warning gilroy it outside take a look at this is cooling by the day. where there is a patchy fog and currently e next temperatures 61 now but would city and in santa rosa. hike or the four corners states will continue to make the entire california air interior valleys and fax we're talking one way in stamford sacramento 194 saturday in fresno and excessive he warning affects the central valley. with 20% percent of thunderstorms yosemite and we've had the monterey bay 65. and today in the '50s meanwhile tomorrow is the third consecutive spare the air day. the it but eastern
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portion of the bay area and the santa clara valley. and i said leave tomorrow will be the hottest day of this prolonged heat wave. sixties high 80s across the peninsula even hotter than that until why one of four brentwood tracy oakley discovery bay 103 danville blacktop pleasanton and but i mention showers. toman nights overnight we do have the procedure meteor shower. the extended forecast a gradual release sunday when even feel the difference in under the djebel digits by monday. as happened when forecast can the sports. the 49 years didn't need any big plays randy moss in the preseason opener and the giants ,, the
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forty-niners were in midseason form in the offense piled up over to learned yards on the ground. the only bad news is all and smith left the game with a hip injury alex smith played the opening series and completed all three of his passes including a touchdown but the excitement in the preseason is watching the backups. their egos. touchdown 49
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hours. concatenate tasted 78 yds before the niners beat the vikings 17 to 6. to amend the to the great job and now your data you have information you have game film that says you can go over. , this guy found one way to beat the traffic on friday nights they allowed three runs in seven innings by didn't get any help from the offense. colorado winds 3 nothing the giants and dodgers are not tied in the west. azine white sox or off the dl the
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thing for the first time since mid june mccarthy he would get some early run support grandma's takes gavin floyd free to run homer in three nothing oakland's. the a's have 13 what coughlin's this year. jordan thinks went for the white sox. oakland is now a half-game back in the wild-card race. an earlier fan. hoping for a trip to williamsport's before nothingness seconds. denmark and x-ray to run homer in the wind 10 to four and all face the white tomorrow for a spot in the little league world series. the pdt championship this you a saint and the degree and the weather was a factor she sings the long birdie on no. 4 wood shots of a share the lead at 4 under. carl peterson are tied to
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the woods you miss the chance to take an outright lead. trading for an all-star center is nothing new for the lakers. world cream shack ends the white house order was already made one fan in l.a. what we have been from back surgery. the come to the lakers. and this she's watching and here. ,,,,,,,,
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learning how to kick flip six stairs takes determination. so will getting into college. i've got what it takes. so do you.
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the weekend will be warm very hot saturday especially. david letterman next ,,


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